Climate Change and Compromise

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As climate change negotiations are held in air-conditioned halls - the poor continue to suffer from global warming and extreme weather.

Eleven-year-old Yogita went to fetch water from a hand pump 500 meters from her home. This was her fourth trip. On her fifth, she collapsed. When family members took her to the hospital, doctors declared her dead. She had died of dehydration caused by intense heat. The summer of 2016 has seen India record its highest temperature ever. The heat was unrelenting.

It was not a rude shock - 2015 had earlier been the hottest year on record. In Rajasthan, temperatures soared up to 51 degrees Celsius. Almost all of India was under the curse of the sun. Roads melted, crops were decimated and livestock died. Rivers dried, as more than 330 million people in India were left without water. Over 2500 people died in the summer of 2015, due to an unprecedented rise in temperatures.

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