Almighty, Why Are You Silent?

This curious lamentation, questions the Almighty, seeking answers for being oblivious to suffering.

Oh! greater than great,
Mightier than the mighty,
Lord of the lords
Conquerer of the earth
And the stars,
Overseer of the sun
And the moon,
Creator of life, on earth
And on the stars above

Oh! master of the universe
I marvel at your creation
The sun, a splendour of light
Glorious giver of life
The moon, a magical enchantress
Pockmarked and beautiful
The stars, innumerable and alluring
Sparkle in the sky and inspire a charming lullaby
The ocean, a tranquil expanse
Vivid blue, mysterious and enigmatic
The forest, a carpet of exuberance
Green, lush and vivacious, teeming with sentience

Oh! omnipresent almighty,
Why, may I ask,
Are you never seen, or heard
Why, may I ask,
Do you hide, behind the speck of light
And at the bottom of the ocean
Turning a blind eye, and a deaf ear
To hate and to greed
To murder and to wanton destruction

Oh! master of destinies
Giver of life and death
As much as I marvel, I can’t but wonder
If you are the master of deceit, a smug coward
A fraud in the garb of a creator, and the destroyer
One who begets adoration and turns a blind eye
To those who torment the meek, and heckle the helpless
Trample the weak, and venerate the mighty
To forgive the misgivings of the abominable few
Who bribe you with an offering and pretend to pray for you

Oh! celestial divine
Why, may I ask, are you silent?
Oblivious and indifferent to suffering
Apathetic and impervious to tyranny
Like a lifeless stone chiseled with guile
I deserve to know, for I have blindly put my faith in you!


Madras Courier originally ran as a broadsheet with a poetry section. It was a time when readers felt comfortable sharing glimpses of their lives through verse. If you too have a poem you’d like to submit, do email us at


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