A History of Thought

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The math of the social sciences can read like a list of names, but each bears a heavy footnote - and a deeper connotation.

My life is a history of thought;
Like a paper read at a conference,
It bears a set of footnotes:
Ricoeur, Saussure, Greimas, Burke, and Focault
Footnote the sanctuaries of my musings,
My search for epistemes;
Bloomfield, Strauss, Sapir, and Chomsky
Underline my desire to configure
Sound and word, the manner
To shape the contour of a thought;
Malinowski, Maletzke and Sorokin,
They once led to my misted
City of culture and sociology class,
Their frame and theory I have since transcended;
Milosz, Symborska, Tiempo, Andrade, Abad,
Mayakovsky, Tanizaki, Neruda, and Lorca,
Footnotes that point to my dream at refinement,
The coalescing of language and cerebration,
A churning of syntax and phrases into verse;
Rojas, Sugbo, Villalino, Cabero, Nicer, and Osier are
The footnotes that represent my heart,
My math, and folklore.


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