The Many Ways of Knowing Jayalalithaa

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Jayalalithaa could change with each audience. What did associates, journalists and the women think of her?

Depending on how you know her, the image of Jayalalithaa differed with each perspective. Those who had the rare privilege of meeting and knowing her, would find a personal, intimate and jovial side – that cameras seldom captured. Those who worked behind the cameras, saw instead, a stern, authoritarian ruler who would drop defamation cases at their slightest insolence. And those who walked Chennai’s streets at night, would feel safer knowing that ‘Amma’ was in charge.

For better or for worse, she had an iron grip over the state of Tamil Nadu. To understand the many ways Jayalalithaa impacted people, Madras Courier speaks to people from different walks of life, who have dealt with her directly or indirectly

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