Is Illiteracy a Barrier to Mobile Phone Use?

Images: Riyaz Shaik/ 7MB
Navigating mobile phones without being able to read is a challenge. Yet, many manage their day to day doing just so.

“This person has to jump from one block to another, and he shouldn’t fall down. When he jumps from one block to the other – I keep getting points,” says 32-year-old driver Durga Rao, as he shows us the workings of his favourite cell phone game. “I use it to kill my boredom. Every day, if I play for at least 20 minutes, it makes me feel good.”

He cannot read the English fonts on his two-and-a-half-inch screen, but the phone keeps him going during the long hours he has to wait, as part of his job.

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  • With India going cashless, payment apps like Paytm, Rupay etc have to adapt simpler layman usage, perhaps using Candy Crush or Mario gaming platforms to collect payments/ rewarding coins, directly into their bank accounts. With just a few jumps and hops!

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