Rooms Have Become Stores

As gifting seasons come and go, we find ourselves surrounded by objects we don't use.

Oh! Gracious, Merciful Lord!
You have blessed our bountiful home.
No worldly possession is absent.
Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati bless
each corner of our spacious home.

Large green lawn, tall trees, fragrant plants,
rooms stuffed with books and silk cloths,
precious stones encased in gold.
Blue cheese, apples, kiwis, nuts and apricots
fill our fridge.
All have come from organic farms abroad.

Our caring son abroad keeps sending a lot.
Cookies, chocolates and exotic sweets,
Our doctor sternly warns we can’t eat.
Electronic gadgets we can’t handle,
Fancy music systems, he doesn’t realize,
We can’t operate and can’t hear anymore.

Each Christmas he speed posts
From Liberty and Harrods
heavy expensive cloths
our frail hands can’t put them on.
Nor failing eyes can find button holes.

From room to room and wall to wall
Day and night we walk and self-talk
keeping eager eyes on the door ajar.
Merciful God!
Tell us what has gone wrong?
Is that the way the new world unfolds?
That rooms have become stores,
and stores, spiders’ home!


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