Of Night, Day & Eternity

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From the dawn of mankind to the twilight of our lives, the sky is the only artwork that renews itself for our sight each day.

This quiet solitude, as the twilight calls on
Reticent, peaceful and generous

Reckless riot of colour engulfs the skies
Blue, green, red and purple

Gentle breeze caresses the universe
As if it does not exist, yet persistent

As night falls
The glorious sun hides behind
Retreating into a caressing womb, ever so gently

As darkness engulfs
Quiet solitude turns to chitter chatter
Of croaks, tweets and howls

The gorgeous moon makes an appearance in the sky,
Smiling into your naughty heart, mischievously
Lighting a pitch dark night with a caressing silver glow

As the universe concocts, the dawn breaks in
Yet again, this solitude turns into a reckless riot of colour
Orange, crimson and red

As the burning sun rages in
Waking up the world to a new day, a new beginning

This is the story of eternity, as it has been for aeons
Welcoming us to live, care and love
As guests of a divine ordination
And this melody continues
As it has for eternity


Madras Courier originally ran as a broadsheet with a poetry section. It was a time when readers felt comfortable sharing glimpses of their lives through verse. If you too have a poem you’d like to submit, do email us at editor@madrascourier.com.


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