Illustration: Public domain
Understanding is the root of all communication and conflict; the sole anchor of human interaction.

Lets things happen
Silently, in peace
Makes us free of bonds
Painless, as destiny

Empowers us to suffer
Without complaints
To take it in our natural stride
Enables us to be courageous
When everything is lost
In trial or discarded

Authorises us to judge
Punish, isolate
Makes us furious
Blind and conceited
Frightens us to no end
To subdue or resist?

Makes us free of hate
Distance, silence
Prompts us
To rebel or to oblige
Earns new bonds
To learn to be good

Enriches us to be richer
Without possessions
Helps to suffer
To redefine love

Leads to the middle path
Whispers to be the stardust
Makes us see from the clouds


Madras Courier originally ran as a broadsheet with a poetry section. It was a time when readers felt comfortable sharing glimpses of their lives through verse. If you too have a poem you’d like to submit, do email us at editor@madrascourier.com.


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